Waxing Plans

Yesterday, we dropped our friend off at the waxing salon. I didn't ask what type of waxing procedure she would have or in what part of her body, but I think its in the bikini area. I wrote about the different waxing types a few days ago and it got me thinking. Is it really worth it? Well, yeah maybe for those who wear bikinis and would pretty soon hit the beach.

I remember my friend from out trip last year, they really did get it and it looked really good with their bikinis. A friend invited me over for a swim at their condo but I declined since I was not yet 'ready'. Haha! Oh well, I guess I have to make a decision sooner or later. It looks really painful on TV. I'll think about that later, I first have to get that gorgeous beach body. So I gotta hit the gym. See ya later!

More Digital

I've been running multiple blogs for over 3 years now and like to think I have more experience on the internet than your average user. I'm competent in HTML and can maintain websites and blogs. I don't want to toot my own horn but I know a thing or two when it comes to the 'net.

My first experience with More Digital was back in January when I received their email inquiring about advertising on my poker blog. I've run my poker blog for over a year and find it helps to write down my wins, losses and tips. Not only for myself and my memory, but for others looking to improve their game.

The list of successful ad deals I've had is ever increasing. I've worked with Google Adsense, YPN, TLA, AzoogleAds and now More Digital advertising.

If you're looking to sell advertising on your site then you can contact me and I can put you in contact with a contact from any of the companies I've dealt with since I have good history with all of them!

Last Night's Jog

When I got home, I was really tempted to just stay home and watch TV. I already changed into a comfortable tank and shorts and start watching the news. I was waiting for my fave soap OK? So there I was, nibbling on an 80 calorie per piece cookie and flipping through the channels. Thinking whether this was a great idea or not. It was four days ago when I last jogged. Fine, I'll do it today.


I changed into my exercise outfit of black tank, grey cycling shorts and white running shoes. I also took my phone, mints, lip balm, keys and money with me, all tucked in my Nike belt bag. I walked for about 10 minutes before I got to the oval. I decided to make two rounds but ended up doing only one and a half. The wind was cold on my skin so I barely had a ny sweat. Argh. I decided to stretch, and make a few push-ups. I did 3 sets of 10 push-ups for my chest and arms, 2 sets of planks for core strength and 2 sets of handstands. It was a great workout. Now, where's that cookie? Haha!

Skin Tone 101

Let's face it, choosing the right product for your skin is like choosing the perfect guy. Sometimes they bring out the best of you, sometimes they make you look like hell. Thus it is important to make the right choices when it comes to skin care and make-up. The first thing that you must do is to know your skin tone.

There are three easy ways to know your skin tone. First, check out your wrist veins. If they look greenish, then you are on the yellow or warm side. If they appear to be bluish, you are on the cool side and has a pinkish undertone. Second, check your skin with natural light. If you have an olive skin tone, you are definitely warm-toned. Same with the first, if your skin has yellow undertones, then you are warm. If you have a pink tone, then your skin is cool. Lastly, when all else fail, get a make-up pro's advice. Surely she will be able to tell you your skin tone and what shades bets go with your skin type.

Strand Strategies

Your hair is your crown and glory. I'm sure you've heard that a lot times. Personally, I'm very meticulous when it comes to my hair. I want it to be perfect without a strand out of place, not literally but you know what I mean. To keep your hair healthy and strong, you need to have the right products with you.

Have a shampoo that is perfect for your scalp. It washes away daily debris and build-up. The conditioner is perfect for replenishing moisture and smoothes the surface of the cuticle. They keep make your hair shiny and manageable. Once in while try applying treatment creams to repair and revive damaged hair with extra nourishment. Lastly, stylers like leave-ons sculpt, smoothen and shape hair according to your desired style. Remember, it is never too late to start caring for your hair. Be a winner by wearing your hair right. Winners wear the crown, losers wear the frown.

Summer Hair

Sand, sea and surf. We just love to enjoy them. We stay hours under the sun swimmming, tanning and playing different games. UV rays pose a threat to our skin that is why we always make it a point to apply sunscreen. Little do we pay attention to the needs of our hair. Hair problems tend to develop more during summer due to prolonged exposure to the sun.

The most common mane crisis would be dandruff. It's totally not cool to sport a bikini with flakes on your shoulders. Always include an anti-dandruff shampoo in you daily regimen to get rid of flakes and itchy scalp. The hot weather may cause your scalp to build up oil and residue. Lather up with a gentle formula you can use everyday. The sun also tends to give a distinct smell to your hair. To score sniff-worthy locks, use a shampoo with a refreshing fruity scent.

Skin Type 101

There is no better person who knows your skin but yourself. When you get up in the morning, check your face before washing it. Gently run your fingers across your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, and check for blemishes and oil. Take note of moisture and texture by checking out areas on your face that has lack and excess of moisture.

If your are the type whose skin shines all over, pores are enlarged especially on your nose, chin and across your cheek, then you have oily skin. Stick to water-based and oil-free solutions and use a refreshing toner at night. When your complexion is dull and you feel and slight tightness on your cheeks and have some fine lines, then you have dry skin. Go for creamy cleansers instead of clear soapy washes. If you have a combination of both dry and oily, use blotting sheets to get rid of the excess oil and aovid strong cleansers that tend to overdry your skin. If your skin gets irritated easily and tends tends to break out easily, steer clear of products containing alcohol and fragrance.

That Big Organ

When you meet someone on the street, what do you usually notice aside from the possible weight gain or loss and outfit? The skin right? It pays to take care of your skin since it is the most visible and biggest organ in your body. It is important to be healthy inside and out and this would really show on your skin.

Always see a licensed dermatologist to get updates on your skin dilemmas. This will also be a good time to check for hazards like skin cancer and other skin allergies. The dermatologist will also be able to provide you with the right advice on what products to use. Remember to moisturize daily. To prevent oily skin, you could skip washing it with a facial wash in the morning and apply a moisturizer with UV protection. At night, pamper your skin with a cream with antioxidants, moisture-keepers and skin-renewing acids. Once a week, gently exfoliate your skin with an exfoliating cream or wash to get rid of dead skin cells . Focus on large-pore areas like the nose or flaky, patchy spots.

Hidden Mickey

Fresh from graduation, I had no idea where to go to. There's the option of joining the corporate world but that would be the norm. I wanted to do something different since I felt that I was meant for other things. I wanted to travel and see the world, dance like there's no tomorrow, party until I drop. So little time so much to do.

Then the opportunity came of landing a job as a performer in Hong Kong. I wanted to give it a try, I mean, who knows I might make it, right? So I went to the audition venue to try my lock. Oops, looks like i'm up against the best dancers around. Some of them were regulars on TV, others were professional dancers. I was positive that I would not pass but what the heck. We danced to the tune of Fever. It was a jazz dance and we auditioned in groups of three. Hong Kong was not for me then. Haha! God I miss my figure during those days. I was thin and light. I should exercise more often.

Dance Scholarship

Way back during my college years when I still very much active in dancing, I really didn't have any idea what I would do when I graduate. Sure I know that I could easily get a job with my course but I wasn't ready yet to give up dancing. It has and will always be a part of my life. Dancing has been my way to keep fit and sane all these years. I may not be that good at it but I sure love it.

To further develop my moves, I decided to try out for a summer scholarship at a prestigious dance school. They were into jazz, modern dance and ballet. When I got there, I saw a few friends and we all huddled together since majority of the people there were past scholars. There were a lot of intimidation people in perfect physique and form. Most of them knew each other. When the jazz class started, everything was like a blur. The moves were taught fast and so was the auditions. We also had to stick around for the ballet class eventhough we didn't have plans on joining the auditions for that. Obviously, I did not get in but the experience was worth it. I had a lot to improve on like like my form and technique. There is still a long way to go. I still have a long way to go.